• Mortgage Terminology

    Court Interpreter Oral Exam Training: Learn English and Spanish Mortgage Vocabulary
  • Criminal Court Vocabulary

    Legal Interpreter Training: Learn Criminal Court Vocabulary
  • Note-Taking Practice for Consecutive Interpreting

    Interpreter Training: Practice Note-Taking for Consecutive Interpretation

    Learn some new note-taking symbols by spinning the wheel.
  • Control the Speed of Your Interpreter Training Practice

    Want to slow down or speed up an audio practice? Check out this application to get the most out of your next training session 
  • How to express yourself clearly when challenged with an ethical dilemma

    Court Interpreter Training: Learn how to use the IRAC model to express yourself clearly when challenged with an ethical dilemma. 
  • Court Interpreter Training: Learn English and Spanish Plea Vocabulary

    Dealing with lots of pleas? This short video will help you learn great options to interpret English and Spanish terms that frequently come up in those types of criminal court proceedings.

  • How to activate the simultaneous interpreting function in Zoom

    Interpretating remotely? This interpreter training video might help.

    In it, we go over:

    1) How to activate the simultaneous interpreting function on your Zoom account

    2) How to schedule a meeting using such function

    3) How to invite an interpreter to the meeting (or set yourself as the interpreter)

    4) How to invite participants to the meeting

    We hope you find it useful.

  • The Most Affordable and Simple Way to Order the Interpreting Function on Zoom

    Want to use the Simultaneous Mode when offering remote interpreting services?

    Zoom offers a simultaneous interpreting function. However, ordering it can be a bit tricky.

    That's why we put together this short video on the most affordable and simple way to activate it.
  • Court Interpreter Training Game: Learn English and Spanish Fingerprint Vocabulary

    Learn English and Spanish fingerprint vocabulary to help you prepare for the court interpreter oral exam.
  • Court Interpreter Vocabulary: Criminal Terminology

    Sharpen your English and Spanish court vocabulary  with this  intepreter training video clip. It was created based on a real bail hearing. Enjoy!

  • Court Interpreter Resources Page Created by the Washington Courts

    Preparing for a court interpreter oral exam? Check out this awesome resource page created by the Washington Courts, which includes: