Professional Legal Interpreter Certification Program

Are you fluent in English and Spanish? 

Do you want a flexible work schedule? 

Would you like to make $25/hour or more with the possibility of earning a salary of $80,000/year? 

If you answered yes, then you are a prime candidate to join the exciting and high-demand field of language interpretation. Our Professional Legal Interpreter Certification Program will prepare you to begin work in this fast-growing profession. You’ll have the chance to make a difference in people’s lives while also securing your success for the future. 

Once you complete our certification program, you will have the skills and credentials to apply to agencies nationwide, covering assignments such as legal cases, community meetings, and educational events, among many others. 

We’ll take you from true beginner to working pro, and all at your own pace. With our interpreter certification program you will: 

  • Learn and clearly understand the basic concepts of interpretation.
  • Get skill-specific training crucial for successful interpreters.
  • Receive guidance as you begin the job application process. 


  • Online
  • Self-paced
  • On-demand
  • Open enrollment—begin when it’s right for you
  • 6-Months Access for $299, including
  1. Instructional Videos.
  2. 37 Interpreting Labs featuring our 3-Step Method and Self-Evaluation Grading Technology.
  3. A Weekly Planner to structure each lesson. It’s like having a personal trainer!
  4. An Evaluation Exam with a certified instructor to determine your eligibility for a certificate.
  5. Direct access to interpreting agencies to help you immediately begin applying for work.


  • Gain the confidence and skills to begin a successful interpreting career.
  • Eligibility for assignments with rates starting at $20-25/hour.
  • Rewarding interactions with a culturally diverse population.
  • Make a tangible difference by providing a crucial service to those who need it.
  • Take our Court Interpreter Oral Exam Training Program to prepare for your state’s certification exam and make an annual salary of up to $80,000. (Open to those who qualify)

This certification program is scheduled to launch on or before December 10th, 2019. Contact us with your email to receive updates and a free discount code when the program launches.