Court Interpreter Oral Exam Training Program

Do you want to become a certified court interpreter? Does your language combination NOT include Spanish?  We can help.

Our language-neutral program allows you to interpret from English into the language of your choosing.


This program increases your chances of passing the exam by empowering you to:

Learn high-register court vocabulary

Interpret simultaneously at high speeds

Interpret long chunks of speech in the consecutive mode

Increase your reading comprehension to deliver smooth sight translations

Using state-of-the-art educational technology and proven principles of psychology, we will help you approach the exam with confidence and ease.

Our 45 labs include practices based on real-life court proceedings (family, civil, and criminal cases) that have been cherry-picked with the court interpreter exam in mind. 

The 3-Step Methodâ„¢ and Why it Will Help You

To pass an interpreter's certification oral exam, your brain must perform several complex mental tasks at the same time. Our method will help you conquer each task separately, then train you to juggle them successfully, all at once.  So when it comes to exam time, you are ready to handle whatever is thrown your way.


Learn the Legal Vocabulary

Master the court terminology upfront.

Interpret and Voice Record

Practice at different speeds, to challenge yourself progressively.

Get a detailed evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses.

Interpreter Training Instructor, Virginia Valencia

About Your Instructor

A Podcast Interview with Virginia


The exercises are a must-buy for anyone preparing for an interpreting exam

Athena Matilsky, Federally Certified Court Interpreter, trainer and adminatrator of the Facbebook Group, "Get Certified or Bust"

Outstanding resource for a student interpreter or anyone seeking to improve their interpreting skills.

Tony Valle. Certified Court Interpreter, Community Leader and Adminstrator of the "Resource Page for Certified Court Interperters."

"In my 28 years of interpreting and test-taking, I had never come across a program that guided me every step of the way."

Jesus Rocha, Certified Court Interpreter, Community Leader and CEO of JR Interpreting.

Train On Your Schedule

You got this!

With work and dedication, you'll LOVE the results this program delivers!

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